Monday, June 30, 2003

Moving On

This is the last post for Blogspot. The new Rebel Yell is here. (Just so you know, the URL is http://www.stoneybilt.com/rebel-yell/ )
Update your bookmarks, he said, kidding himself.

Thanks, Blogspot! It was fun!

A bribe

Medb is going home for the weekend, and I am trying to decide whether to go. Fact is, I was absolutely wore out last Friday, the weekend made it worse, and a three-day-weekend of doing Nothing is beckoning before me like an oasis. I really badly want to just sit here in my drawers as she drives over the hill, but I don't want to be without her company for a whole day. Besides, I just received a missive from Lady Ree, which reads in part:
"...the menu will include pot roast w/potatoes & carrots, grilled shrimp etc, salad and coconut cake, plenty of coffee and sweet tea; enough for eating Friday night and Saturday at lunch. Brugger's bagels and cream cheese for Saturday breakfast.
So how is all of this for persuasion?"

That's ... uh... pretty persuasive...

Today's winner

Acidman pulls it out this time with a good description of a bad day. Rob wins a bag of Cheetos and an AOL4.0 floppy! (100 hours free!) Thanks for playing, and keep up the good work!
Bob and Hillary

Newsmax has a great comparison between Hillary Clinton and the famous Baghdad Bob:

Like Hillary, Bob has stood by his statements and insisted that he was always convinced of what he said.

Baghdad Bob said he loved Iraq; Hillary Rodham said she loved Arkansas. Bob fled Iraq; Hillary fled Arkansas.

Bob said Saddam was telling the truth; Hillary said Bill was telling the truth. Though Saddam was caught lying, Bob stuck with him; though Bill admitted lying, Hillary stuck with him.

Bob said he prefers Democratic presidents; Hillary definitely prefers Democratic presidents. Bob believes President Bush is a villain; Hillary believes President Bush is a villain.

Bob called American GIs "snakes"; Hillary called the Secret Service "pigs."

That's the most apt comparison of all... I think that both are equally anti-American, and equally deluded. There's more over at Newsmax.com.

Sunday, June 29, 2003


Most energy for this weekend has been focus squarely on The Little Butterfly, as she has boundless energy and will not be denied. She is a Southern Lady already in that Daddy is the only man she will ever love.

But I have stolen a few minutes here and there to set up the new Rebel Yell, and I think it looks nice. Not smashing, but tasteful and just enough different from standard to not be boring. I like it, anyway.

Rome wasn't built in a day... it wasn't burned in a day, either!

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Big News

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, both Rebel Yell and Queen Medb's Castle will be growing up into Moveable Type. Joni gave me lots of advice in getting it set up, and once I get something nice to look at, I'll commence in getting it all moved over.

I'll be the first to say, though, that life at Blogger has been easy, as well as free. I'm not doing this because of Blogger, I'm doing it to keep growing. I want to have comments and control over stuff. Plus, Medbie is running out of things to tweak on her side of the desk.

Don't got nothing 'gainst Blogspot, but a man's got to keep loose.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Today's Winner!

Today's winner is Frank. His interview with the Democratic Dwarfs is hilarious and revealing... I just wonder how he was able to get them all. Even Brinkley couldn't do that.

Frank wins a copy of our home game, and a year's supply of camoflaged metric screwdrivers. Watch your mail, big guy!


The very thought of giving up is repugnant to me... I still have the spirit to fight on, if not the means. My excuses have been decimated, my regiments of refusals have been flanked at every turn. At this point, I have to look to the welfare of those under my command, and at least send them home, rather than slaughter them uselessly.

So, like Lee at Appomattox, it's time to ride out and take what's coming to me. I am bloody but unbowed... I have to admit that I am beaten, but I am not going to admit that I am wrong.

And, so:

From now on, mispoof is an acceptable word for Scrabble.

mispoof: n. a grave or serious mistake, usually resulting in irreversable consequences
v. to make a mispoof

What a bitter, bitter taste...

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Being green

Nuff said.
Ice water. On the rocks. Crushed, not cubed

I'm told that eating ice is the worst thing you can do to your teeth. Tough! If my teeth can't handle it, I advise them to toughen up. My favorite drink, after coffee, is a nice tall water with crushed ice. When I finish the water, I eat the ice. Refreshing, and waaay better for you than sweet carbonated glop.

Medb's party was a huge success. We had seven younguns in the yard and they ran and played like wild savages. I'll let her describe all the action, but I beat Medb soundly in the egg and spoon race.

Fun website: Seanbaby -- absolutely wickedly funny as hell.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003


Ed fixed Medb's dryer today.

A few words about Ed...

I have known him for nearly thirty years, from the time we were in the fifth grade, and he has been my best pal for all that time. Most of the great memories of my life have Ed in 'em.

He came up hard, I mean hard, with two brothers and two sisters behind him. Needless to say, not a lot of steak crossed that table. Every dollar Ed has ever had, he earned; by mowing yards, digging ditches, hauling firewood. He is an ace mechanic. He can run the machine that digs mine shafts. If it involves hard work at laborer's wages, he can do it.

He has been an ambulance driver and a fireman and a qualified EMT. The EMT part got him a job in the Sheriff's Office, and being Ed got him noticed by the Big Chiefs. He did every crap job they tossed at him, and was rewarded with a badge and a gun. He's now a sergeant and manages every piece of equipment the department owns.

Last winter, he was responding to a school bus wreck on a snowy day. Kids are milling around in the road when Ed tops the hill, so he puts his truck in the ditch to keep from hitting them.

I just realized what a great story this would make if Ed had died, but he came thru without a scratch. The newspaper did a big write-up about it. The sheriff commended Ed personally.

A month later, a mudslide smashed a house and pinned a doctor inside. Who crawled in and pulled the injured doctor to safety? Good old Ed. The Mayor proclaimed a special day in his honor.

I'm not making this up!

So what do you do with a guy like this? Hell, you ought to paste a big E on his chest and send him out to save the world! Instead, I asked him how to fix the dryer. He said to make sure both fuses were good. I did, and it works perfectly.

Good old Ed.

Mo' misc

D'jever try to take a picture of a parakeet? He always turns his head! Gah! He's worse than any kid ever.

Oh, he did let me get ONE good one. Out of about sixty.

Dubloons and pieces of eight!  Hrrrrak!

Blogspot is updating some sort of software just now, and so Medb can't post. (Since Rebel Yell is already composed of the finest, fully-up-to-date hand-tooled software, my blogging is not affected.) She is not amused, and I am under strict orders to get some sort of Blogspot-independent software up in the serversphere as soon as possible. Meaning, if it takes til midnight.

Medb got a very nice note from Da Goddess today. Which was nice. She is like a kid over nice mail.

Speaking of her childlike tendencies, she is planning a huge party for The Butterfly tomorrow night. (There will be pictures.) I think she is getting more pleasure out of the whole thing than all of the kids combined.

And I am off to wrestle with blogging software. Did I ever mention that I hate computers?

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Everybody is frothing at the mouth over what little Dick Gephardt said. Yes, it's scary enough, if an eighth-grader said it, but this guy is supposed to be the ranking Democrat in the country! Another illustration of how stupid and irrelevant the socialist party has become. I wanted to find it in context, but kept falling asleep over the transcript. When is the Democratic Party going to shrivel up and die, already? Beat a dead donkey...

Looks like Acidman is going to welcome home an old friend.

This woman needs to ride the lightning. There's hope for that, since it's Texas. Book 'er, Danno. Murder One.

Fun link: Omerta. The Sicilian tradition of silence. Whoa!

Two in a row!

Yep, I just took Medb for another game of Scrabble! That's two in a row, in spite of her tricks... and she has more tricks than an Iraqi General in front of an inspection team. I know she's over there cooking up some outrageous tale, so don't believe it for a minute.

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